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Golf Card is equipped with quality golf and lifestyle related privileges which enable our Golf Card Members to enjoy diversified merchants and payment benefits;More >
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"Golf Lifestyle Group (GLG)" delivers lifestyle membership "Golf Card" with payment functions and membership benefits;                         More >
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GLG is building one of the most established and productive Lifestyle Golf Membership bases in Greater China and Asia, with quality "Golf Card" benefits platform internationally;More >

        Our Group

Golf Lifestyle Group (GLG) is a Golf Membership and Marketing Corporation providing quality golfing and lifestyle products and services to Golf Card Members starting in Hong Kong, and expanding to mainland China and Asia;

     Our Platform

GLG issues first ever lifestyle membership pre-paid "Golf Card" and "Gift Golf Card" in Hong Kong, with expansion agenda of other products and services at major cities in Asia;


      Our Contact

If you want to know more about us, to be our Golf Card Member, to be our Merchant Partner, or provide us with your feedback, please let us know;


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To activate your "Golf Card", please return the completed Registration Form below, together with a copy of your I.D.:

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